Frequently Asked Questions

The coop market is hot because America is crazy for backyard chickens! Even though having backyard chickens is a relatively expensive way to get your eggs, millions of homeowners have concluded that a Chicken Coop is good for the Soul!

Even before COVID, the trend toward sustainable living and healthier eating was strong. But in 2020 interest in coops tripled according to Google Analytics. Experts say interest in backyard chickens will continue for years.

If you want to become the “go to” place to buy America’s favorite chicken coops in your area, becoming an OverEZ Coop Dealer is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Check out each of the videos, pictures, and written information on this website.
  2. Complete the dealer interest form to indicate that you are ready to launch our super-simple, focused in scope, and standardized dealer program.
  3. Pay for the Dealer Starter Kit, and within 3 weeks you will receive the small, medium, and large coops.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to generate thousands of dollars in new profits as an OverEZ coop dealer!

To help you succeed as our valued dealer, we provide:

  1. 100 of these brochures for you to hand out.
  2. FREE leads in your area through our DEALER LOCATOR feature on our website.
  3. A beautiful page for your website.
  4. Fast delivery, through our drop ship program which means you do not even have to see or handle the coop.  We will ship it from the factory directly to your customer, usually within 3 weeks.  This rapid turn-around time will enable you to sell a lot of coops!

To help you succeed as our valued OverEZ coop dealer for your area we provide free leads through our dealer locator tool on our retail website at OverEZ chicken coop dot com.  This prominently featured tool invites visitors to enter their zip code to find a dealer near them.  If the shopper is from your area, we want them to find you.

Our nationwide one-million-dollar marketing investment is designed to bring customers in your area to your website and to your store.  We use the most advanced digital marketing tools to identify when people in your area begin looking for chicken coops on the internet.  As soon as they search for a chicken coop online, a campaign launches that will make them aware of OverEZ Coops’ excellent quality, innovative design, and – most beneficial to you – where they can buy the coops.

We provide a beautiful page for your website that includes technical information about the coops, feeders, and waterers.  There will be an FAQ section to address questions you and your staff will commonly be asked. We provide the pictures that will make any visitor to your website have confidence in buying their OverEZ coop from you.

Your starter kit consists of one small, one medium, and one large coop. These will arrive along with 100 brochures within 3 weeks. During those 3 weeks we will provide the beautiful page for your website. After you have the coops in place, we will add your location to our dealer locator so when someone from your area enters their zip code, they will find you!

We offer wholesale pricing for our OverEZ coops, feeders, and waterers only to dealers who make the initial investment in the Dealer Starter Kit consisting of 3 coops. You can’t go wrong with this investment because the demand for these coops is so high.

The small, medium, and large coops we send you are meant to be set up, side-by-side for comparison.  Ideally you would not sell these units, but instead you would sell FROM them through our drop ship program or purchase additional coops as inventory.

Yes, you may hold additional inventory to sell directly from your lot! The market is so hot right now for these coops that if you have a coop in stock that someone can pick up in his or her pickup truck, you will certainly sell more coops. Plus, you will make more profit on each coop you sell since you do not have to pay the shipping from our coop factory to your customer. 

If you become a dealer for America’s favorite chicken coops, we want to help you make a good profit on every transaction.  That is why we will not undercut you on our retail e-commerce website.

Our robust nationwide digital marketing program is designed to bring dozens if not hundreds of visitors to your establishment.  Although folks in your area also can purchase directly from OverEZ, we want to give them the option to see you and to purchase from you.  Most coop customers prefer to buy from a local store when possible.

OverEZ Coop Dealer Program is simple because it is standardized.  To give you the best possible wholesale prices, we keep our overhead low and make it easy for you learn and launch in 3 ways:

  1. You can become a dealer without overwhelming paperwork. 
  2. You can learn how to become a dealer on this website without high-pressure phone calls.
  3. You can launch your OverEZ coop dealership by simply paying for the dealer kit online with a credit card.

But feel free to call with questions and to place your order.  We are here to help you succeed!

We are proud to manufacture America’s Favorite Chicken Coops right here in the USA. Our coops are made with uncompromising quality by Amish-trained craftsmen. Your support of OverEZ is support for American jobs and American manufacturing.

When shipped, each coop is collapsed and packaged onto a single pallet. Our coops are conveniently made to disassemble for shipping which allows for more efficient delivery and setup for our customers and dealers. At OverEZ we are proud to offer the perfect balance of affordability, versatility, and quality that customers have been searching for! Once your charming OverEZ chicken coops arrive, you want to make sure they are assembled and displayed prominently where your customers can fall in love with America’s Favorite Chicken Coops.

We offer convenient step-by-step assembly instructions with each of our coops. Many customers have reported being able to assemble an OverEZ coop in as little as 30 minutes. All that is required is a screw gun.

We also created helpful assembly instructional videos which have thousands of hits online. You can find links to these videos on our retail site at Just look for the specific coop you wish to assemble and find the embedded videos just below the product details section.

Or you can access the videos here:

Coop in a Box Assembly:

Small Coop Assembly:

Medium Coop Assembly:

Large Coop Assembly: 

XL Coop Assembly:

Jumbo Coop Assembly:

Yes! We strive to provide customer service as dependable as our products. If your customers have questions about our products, send them to the chicken coop experts at OverEZ. Let us focus on keeping your customers satisfied so you can focus on running your business.

If you or your customers have any technical questions about our coops, such as dimensions or materials, be sure to send them to your attractive OverEZ webpage on your company site that we provide for you. You can also download a helpful technical information sheet to provide to your customers.

If you or your customer still has questions about our coops, do not hesitate to send them our way. We would be delighted to answer any questions, because at OverEZ raising chickens is a passion, not a chore.

Alternatively, you can find product specs on our website here:

Coop in A Box:

Small Coop:

Medium Coop:

Large Coop:

XL Coop:

Jumbo Coop:

OverEZ Feeder:

OverEZ Waterer:

Drop ship is an attractive option for dealers who want a profitable source of income for their business without the hassle of restocking inventory. To place a dropship order, simply login to and click on the New Order button on your dealer homepage. There you will be asked to enter your customer’s shipping information and you will be able to pay for your customer’s order conveniently online.

Still have questions? You can always email us, because we’re here to help you be as successful as possible.

One of the reasons OverEZ offers a focused product line is that it enables us to keep our prices low and product availability high. We are excited to say that the average lead time between when a coop order is placed until the order is shipped is less than two weeks. Please note that due to skyrocketing demand for America’s Favorite Chicken coops, lead times may increase during peak seasons. We know that this will be a record year for OverEZ dealers, and we are prepared to keep your business stocked and profitable with exceptional product availability.

The coop king at OverEZ is undoubtedly our large chicken coop. Housing up to 15 birds, the large coop is the undisputed favorite of the OverEZ product line. Now do not let this fact fool you…our small and medium chicken coops are very popular as well. That said, when you purchase your dealer starter kit, you may want to favor the large coops if you decide to hold inventory.

Bulk (truckload) purchase always gives you the best profit margins. Our focused product line at OverEZ is one of the reasons we can offer high-quality yet affordable chicken coops to customers and dealers. Our lowest wholesale prices are available to dealers who are serious about making record profits for their business and are willing to purchase OverEZ products in bulk. When you fill a truck with coops, waterers and/or feeders, you will save the most on shipping per unit and be positioned to maximize your profit margins!

Yes! At OverEZ we offer a 1-year warranty on our coops and coop options. Since these coops are meant to be used outdoors, our warranty is designed to cover any manufacturing defects or flaws and do not cover weather-related damages or damage by acts of God.

If you or a customer suspect a manufacturer defect, please ask the customer to provide you with pictures and a description of the flaw/damage. Then please send us this information at and our helpful customer service team will take it from there.

It depends. We understand how frustrating it can be to receive America’s favorite coops only to discover something was damaged in transit. If a product is damaged upon its arrival to you or your customer, then it’s the responsibility of whomever paid shipping to file a claim.

If you made the shipping arrangements, then we are unable to file a shipping claim on your behalf. If OverEZ paid the shipping and made the arrangements, simply send us pictures and a description of the damage and we’ll make sure you receive a replacement as soon as possible.